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Our Philosophy

Tennis Court

InsideOut is not just a shot in the game of tennis – it is also the name of our academy, it represents our Philosophy and way of teaching. For us, TENNIS is more than just a sport – it is an extraordinary game, where the real winner is the one who overcomes the limitations of the self in order to grow and step over.

Tennis is just like the real-life – versatile and tiring, but divinely beautiful, and difficult enough, of course! That is why our mission is to help our players show their potential and improve the qualities they have INSIDE of them, and in this way to influence them to improve the quality of their lives OUTside of the court in their real lives.

We will support you, help your game and watch you grow. Because we are the same beings on and off the court, but precisely on the court we see our true nature, only through the game we see both the positive and the negative sides of us. After you have succeeded in the training on the court, you will be happier and more successful in the bigger game called life. You will see you got to know yourself more and you became a better, more balanced, stronger. This is why every single training counts for us. It is a step forward to a better living and every physical activity – a step towards building our will. And in the end, every tennis game is a step towards building a stronger character and discovering more about ourselves.

Every shot counts and builds up the bigger picture, and it is only up to your dedication and working ethics when you would start the match or whether you would win the point. Come on the court with us, and we will help you see yourself through your game, mindset and playing style because your game is a mirror of the Self.

We, as coaches, help you put yourself together so you can maximize your game OUT on the court, but through the hard work, things will get sorted INSIDE too.


Because we are InsideOut Tennis Academy - We build people!

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