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Georgi Goranov

Welcome to the website of InsideOut Tennis Academy!
My name is Georgi Goranov and I am the Head coach and Founder of the Academy! If you would like to read more about me - click here :)

Tennis Education:

- ITF Diploma

- LTA School Tennis Certificate

- Bulgarian Tennis Federation Level 1 

- J+S Leiter Tennis 


- Team captain at the University of Stirling

- Top 25 in the Region of North Scotland

- A sparring partner of Gordon Reid (Wheelchair tennis ex-world #1)

- Working experience in Switzerland, the UK, Italy, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Germany, Austria, Turkey, the UAE (Dubai) and the USA with former professional players and high-performance coaches.


- German, English, Russian, Bulgarian

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I am originating from Mezdra, Bulgaria - a small town in one of the most beautiful regions of the country, located on a historical and geographical cross-road.


I have graduated with a BA (with Honours) in Business Studies from a top British University - University of Stirling. This is the home of tennis in Scotland where the National Tennis Center is based and players such as Andy Murray (former #1 ATP in Singles) and Colin Fleming (former #17 ATP in Doubles) have graduated and trained there, as well as other very strong players. I have trained with and coached some of the best players in Scotland and the UK. I have had the pleasure to work with the famous coaches Adam Brown (LTA Senior Performance Coach, who has won 4 national awards for the last 5 years), Euan McGinn and Mark Walker (LTA Master Performance Coach). 

I speak fluently several foreign languages (Bulgarian, English, Russian, French), I can communicate in Serbian, Macedonian and I have some basic knowledge of German, Spanish, Greek, and Arabic. I have been working together with organizations and people from different countries such as Switzerland, the UK, the USA, Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, UAE, Cyprus, and Bulgaria (see my working experience above). Recently, I have organized and coached a tennis camp together with the German former professional tennis player Martin Sinner (ex-ATP #42). As a coach, I have achieved a number of
qualifications in tennis issued by ITF, LTA, and the Bulgarian Tennis Federation.

I am a tennis coach and a competitive player at the same time. I have played in national championships, tournaments, BUCS tennis league and I have been captaining one of the university teams for 3 years. As a junior, in 2010 I reached the semi-final and won the 3rd place in a tournament for boys under 16 in Bulgaria and in 2011 I won Buckhorn Local Tournament for boys under 18 in Florida, USA. In May 2013 I was ranked 42nd among the men in Bulgaria and in the spring of 2014 I was ranked 21st in North Scotland. I won Mezdra Open Championship (2012) and in 2013 I played two ITF Future events. In September 2017 I won Vratsa OPEN and became Regional Champion. For the period from
December 2016 to April 2018, I have been sparring with the top-ranked wheelchair tennis player Gordon Reid (former #1 in Singles and Doubles, Grand Slam Winner and Golden Medalist in Singles of the Rio Paralympics 2016) a number of times.

I am sociable, communicative and I can work in a team. My personality is friendly and positive. I am very analytic and I have a constant desire to improve my competences. I love helping people in developing their tennis skills. I have successfully passed my high motivation towards improvement to all my students and as thus developing skills that influence the quality of their lives.

I am young, enthusiastic and knowledgeable about tennis and I believe InsideOut Tennis Academy will contribute towards your personal success!

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