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Some weeks ago, I was approached by an unknown number via WhatsApp. This was a call for help from a talented boy from the country of Rwanda, named Karenzi Hirwa Brian. He kindly presented himself and his club, and simply asked if we have any unused equipment to share with them. Tennis is the game that helps these kids fight the difficulties of life we can never imagine. I couldn't give another response, but only to offer my help. I already got in contact with Karenzi's tennis club and his tennis coach Mugisha Dany (assistant tennis coach in Rwanda National Tennis Academy), and I can assure you we can make a difference to the lives of our fellow tennis players by sharing our old or unused equipment. I received videos, and got to know about their struggles and needs in details. Tennis is really an important part of the kids' survival!

Together we can help and motivate the kids to keep playing, studying and getting an opportunity for a better living. Below you will find the details and some info for the club.

About the club:

Kicukiro Ecology Tennis Club is located in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, near IPRC School which offers accommodation, boarding and free trainings to talented kids. The club has 6 tennis courts, 50 intermediate players and 4 advanced (2 of them have academic scholarships for free university education in Rwanda and a scholarship of $40 per month), and offers mini tennis program to a big number of local kids. Players that don’t manage to get scholarships, receive coaching education and are allowed to help within the coaching program. The club has received some help in the past by the Tennis federation in Rwanda and by ITF, however, the funding has stopped and training gets difficult.

How to join?

The kids and the young adults in the club will very much appreciate if you could donate your old or unused tennis rackets, strings, grips, or clothing (T-shirts and shorts, caps, shoes are too heavy for the parcel). Preferred clothing sizes are M and L. We do NOT collect money!

Collection – contact us by WhatsApp +41 76 696 40 94 or by E-mail to to arrange the collection of your items.

Sending of the items – we aim to collect items until the end of November 2023, and send it before the Christmas holidays.

If you would like to join or have any question, feel free to reach us!

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