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Academy Open Days

o Date: 25.08.2024 & 01.09.2024
o Location: VITIS Schlieren, Ifangstrasse 15, 8952 Schlieren
o Time: 14-17:00 (60 min per group depending on the age and level)

o Costs: FREE (all tennis equipmnet is provided)

o Registration - via our Registration form below


EXCITING NEWS: PRIZES for All Participants provided by Evulpo (read more)

Are you or your child eager to try tennis but unsure where to start? Look no further! Join us at Insideout Tennis Academy for our exciting Open Days event.

🌟 Let yourself experience the thrill of tennis with free trial sessions, expert guidance, and loads of fun activities!

🏆 Whether they're swinging a racquet for the first time or looking to refine their skills, we've got them covered.

🚀 Don't miss out – register now and let's ace this together!

o  The spots are distributed on a first come first serve basis.

Open Days - Registration
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Exciting News: Prizes for All Participants Sponsored by Evulpo!

Get ready for amazing prizes at our upcoming event, courtesy of Evulpo!

- **One Month Free Access for All**: Every participant receives a one-month free trial of Evulpo's unlimited access package!
- **Grand Prize Draw**: All participants are entered to win:

   - One year of free unlimited access for one lucky winner
   - Six months of free access for three participants
   - Three months of free access for five participants

Thank you, Evulpo, for your support!

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