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Group lessons

Join our group lessons and improve your game in a friendly environment with our top coaches! We have groups for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced players with a maximum of 3-4 players per group.  

Every training lasts for 1 or 2h. We are working on the technical elements in the first half of the training - specific personal feedback is given to all players, together with recommendations on how to handle the technical issues. We are improving our tactical and game-based skills in the second half of the training.


Winter season (1st October 2023 - 28th April 2024)


Seasonal package:
- 1 training per week and
 1 training cancellation possible with 2 weeks notice


Costs & Discounts:

Due to the limited number of spots we have per group, all our spots would are sold        with pre-booking. Full price list is available here.

- 10% discount - full prepayment

- 5% discount - 2 installments (fixed dates)

- 0% discount - 3 installments (fixed dates)

o Entry is possible before the start of the following season.
o Price is per player per hour including the coach, court rent, and equipment.

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