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Ball School

In the past, children used to play outside in their free time, but nowadays electronic devices often make them inactive. Even children who want to be active are sometimes discouraged instead of challenged. No matter how active your child is, it's important to give them the opportunity to develop creatively and actively through play and movement. Our new "BallSchool" offers just that.

What does the "Ball School" offer?

  • We encourage your kids (ideal age 3 - 5 years) motor skills, coordination and tactics in various forms of play, especially of course with balls of all kinds: Whether catching, throwing, swinging, hitting, stopping, bouncing, dribbling, kicking, etc. - that's what matters playful, age-appropriate approach.

  • We motivate your kid to try things out.

  • We promote self-confidence and social skills.

  • We track down talent and promote fitness, coordination and creativity.

  • We create small and large success stories.

In other words, the "Ball School" is the perfect basis for the personal development of your youngest, regardless of which sport they choose later. This path is natural, eventful and above all: sustainable!

Costs: the full price list is available here.

o Weekend course 9-10:00, 10-11:00 on Saturday and Sunday
o Entry is possible at any time.
o Price is per player per hour including the coach, court rent, and equipment.

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